is a German supra-regional operating auditing company with offices in Düsseldorf (Nordrhein- Westfalen), Memmingen (Bayern) and Munich (Bayern). In 1980 the company was founded as tax consultancy company, 1989 it was approved as auditing company.

The company's main services are as well the performance of statutory and non-statutory audits of national and international operating partnerships and combines as commercial, tax and corporate advice of the prevailing middle-class clients of all sectors and legal forms.

Special experiences exist in the following sectors:

  • metal industry, especially "Surface Treatment"
  • textile trade and production
  • machinery production
  • special-purpose machine trade
  • food industry
  • construction and real estate industry
  • print industry
  • glass industry
  • automotive industry and trade


    Kaiserstasse 50
    D-40479 Düsseldorf
    Tel.:   <+49> 211 - 13 62 911
    Fax    <+49> 211 - 13 17 16